Araxxor, Twitch Integration and Lobby Update

2007rsaccount Date: Jul/30/14 15:42:16 Views: 710

     Araxxor is here, and he can't wait to tear you limb from limb in a solo or duo boss battle to the death!
When we polled the sort of boss content you wanted earlier this year, the message was clear: there's nothing you like more than grappling with a beefy combat boss.
Araxxor won't disappoint, as you choose your route through his lair, dodge hazards, and finally face the beast himself - on your terms.

    There are regularly shifting layouts to the lair, and loads of amazing rewards - including level 90 two-handed weapons and creepily cute spider pets.
We've also integrated Twitch streaming into RuneScape, and spruced up the lobby.Read on to find out more, or log in now and head south-east of Port Phasmatys to the Araxyte Hive